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  Link   Primary Resources
This site contains free-to-use worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas submitted by teachers in the UK and other countries. Aimed at 4-11 years.
  Link   Jan Brett
This is the website for the American childrens’ author, Jan Brett. It contains thousands of activities including craft projects, online and printable games and colouring pages. I found the sound on this website really annoying, but other than that
  Link   Songs for Teaching
This American site contains lyrics, sound clips and related activities for thousands of educational songs. There are a wide range of songs available; from those for early childhood to those for science and social studies.
  Link   Jamboree
This site, run by Gareth Lewis’ daughter, Wendy, includes content contributed by young people who have been home-educated. There are stories, together with craft, gardening, cooking and history resources available.
  Link   Freedom in Education
This site contains many articles written by Gareth Lewis (author of the One-to-One and Unqualified Education books) including introductions to John Holt and the concept of unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Steiner and Montessori.
  Link   Home Education in the UK
This site provides many articles about home education ranging from identifying learning styles to advice on starting a local home education support group. I found the 'Sitemap' to be particularly helpful in identifying areas of interest.
  Link   Muddle Puddle Home Education
This site contains lots of links to resources and activities that can be used in home education. It is aimed at children up to 8 years. I found the 'Themes and Subject' section a good place to start exploring the myriad of information available.
  Link   Education Otherwise
A good starting point for understanding the legal aspects of home education in the UK. You can also join the organisation and receive regular paper-based newsletters including details of local home educating social groups.
  Link   National Curriculum Online
If you want to follow the National Curriculum, although there is no obligation to do so when home educating, this site gives all the information for the National Curriculum in England.
  Link   Enchanted Learning
So many resources!
  Link   home ed steiner uk
  Link   waldorf resources
  Link   teenage home educated
  Link   UK Flour
resources from the UK Flour Advisory Board
  Link   home ed site
  Link   one family's contribution
plenty of things to keep you busy here...
  Link   more science...
  Link   worried about science?
this resource is more science and maths based - lack of experiments is sometimes considered a problem with home ed. so have a look here...
  Link   national curriculum based resources
  Link   A UK Science Teacher's site
  Link   from the Woodland Trust UK
download identification sheets, join in surveys, this is a fascinating and busy site, enjoy!
  Link   English-to-go
resources for home schoolers and other teachers of English
  Link   Lesson Plans
From the Utah Education Network. Matches US school years, of course, but a great resource for everyone.
  Link   Education Oasis
Downloadable teaching aids, book and website reviews. It seems to be for teachers, and is probably American, although I found it via a UK council site!
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