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  Link   dancing on treadmills
  Link   The Green Man
A succinct history of the Green Man in the world...
  Link   what's the meaning of life?
I'm using it as revision avoidance... Elli :-)
  Link   A different way of thinking
Interesting blog about people with disabilities.
  Link   meanings of phrases
fun and informative site
  Link   Camphill Communities
Having spent a while both as a voluteer in a Camphill Community and then as an employee, I've been meaning to write something up for Conker Exchange...luckily someone already did the job well for me :-) Elli
  Link   BBC Medical Notes on Female Circumcision
A brief introduction to a subject which I will expand on in time. If anyone comes across some good links on the subject, then please submit them! Elli
  Link   don't mention the skiing
just so you understand the suffering of my daily life!
  Link   The March March march
?! strange people in the fens... (I know, I are one....!)
  Link   Straw Bear Festival
  Link   Conker Championships
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