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  Link   Free Piano Lessons
This is really cool - quite a few lessons, right from the basics, all for free. There's an option to buy it (you choose the price) on a CD, which may also be of interest. It's a very basic website but looks like it does what it says.
  Link   National Geographic
Difficult to describe, there's masses of information, go check it out!
  Link   organic gardens for schools
create an organic garden at school...complete with lesson plans etc
  Link   Link to Illich
Not just education but much, much more! I referred to Illich in a forum thread, so thought I'd find you something to get your teeth into. I would say that his writing has heavily influenced the way I look at life and you might just recognise Conker
  Link   My Wonderful World
I found this through the National Geographic - a great educational resource, I've already signed up for their newsletter and printed out a large map!
  Link   national curriculum
this is just the english bits - It seems a lot to think about for teachers. It is useful though, perhaps just look at the ones relevant to your child's age.
  Link   Socialising your child...
more information on home educating and the socialisation issue...
  Link   Socialisation for Home Educated Children
entertaining view on why schools aren't necessarily thr best place to socialise your child!
  Link   Woodlands Junior School Kent
A site written for the children of the school, which has won many awards and high praise from around the world.
  Link   The Open University
We had to have this here - it's where the Conker founders met, and where our first members came from! (and it's a great university!)
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