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  Link   how to bu a washing machine
a useful UK site for buying a new washing machine, written by an engineer
  Link   Co-op Electrical
the Co-op sell white goods - who'd a thought? the ethical retailer, banker, etc gives good service, too so far - delivery tomorrow! (fastest delivery option when researching)
  Link   Flights
  Link   Saving Money
I've heard this guy many times on the radio, he's funny, and has a lot to say about where to keep your money, how to use credit etc. I haven't used the site, but it looks packed full of information, which can only be a good thing!
  Link   Stop using 0870!
This site gives you the landline numbers of major companies - useful if you have a phone service that gives you included calls to national numbers. Also, it means you're not paying the company to keep you on hold! (They get a share of the cost of you
  Link   The Motley Fool
An excellent advice website, with links to good deals, but it's the attitude and advice that is the best thing about this site!
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